cupcake boxesUsing clear cupcake boxes has many advantages over other containers. Many different sizes may be used, to store and protect a single product or a dozen. While they are often used by bakeries, they can be used by anyone who enjoys baking home made treats or wants to make them seem special.

These containers are great for special occasions, where the elegant details of the icing and design should be shown off. Many wedding cakes come with additional single baked goods, to help enhance the look on the table or to make it easy for guests to serve themselves. Placing each cake in its own case makes a very elegant presentation. It also offers protection of baked goods from the air and insects. Items will stay fresher and the worry about flies or gnats is eliminated.

Cupcake boxes designed to show the contents inside are great for showing off the enticing snacks at a school bake sale. There is no need to continually open and close a lid, which makes it difficult for the baked goods to remain fresh. It is also a more sanitary way to display the offerings for sale. For large quantities, using containers that hold a dozen each will work best. These enclosures are also great for taking baked goods along to parties or for making a child’s birthday celebration seem extra special.

While units for a dozen desserts are great for special occasions or for sales, single item units are good for very baking contests, to show of special creations. There are also units to store four or six desserts. They are ideal for giving guests some special treats to take home. Clear storage units are typically made from clear polyethylene, that is safe for food contents. These combination display and storage units are not limited to single desserts. They can be used to hold a piece of wedding cake, candies, muffins, popcorn and a variety of other goodies that might be available at a party.

Prices for these items will vary. Usually a single container will cost from just over fifty cents to a dollar, when purchased in bulk quantities. Containers for four start at around eighty cents each. Containers for a dozen treats start at around $1 each. Even if you are baking several dozen for a special occasion, using these storage containers is very affordable. Products can be found in stores that carry party supplies and through many online retailers.