clear cupcake boxesCupcakes are easy to make and you can decorate them in any way you want. With cupcakes, there is no fear of your cakes falling apart, while you are taking them out from the baking pan. To get your cupcakes to your parties however, you will need a way to keep them intact, and get them there, without smashing them together. Clear cupcake boxes can be handy, for moving your cupcakes to your next party location.

You may get cupcake boxes made from cardboard, plastic and even paper. Clear cupcake boxes are made from plastic, these plastic cupcake boxes are transparent, hence you can see the inside of the boxes, the clearness or transparency may also serve as decorative accents too. You may get single or multi cupcake clear boxes.

Single clear cupcake boxes can hold one cupcake, you may give them out with your cupcakes, at your party. And you can also decorate them with a ribbon or two. The clear transparent boxes will go well with all kinds of decorations.

If you are going to transport lots of cupcakes to your party, you may want to opt for a clear plastic multi cupcake box. These boxes can hold more than one cupcake in a box, and may be fitted with some cavities or indents that will hold your cupcake in place, so they will not slide while you are taking them along with you. You may wash a multi cupcake box and reuse it as often as you want too. Some boxes may also provide you with more than one layer, to hold your cupcakes. Handles on them will generally make it easy for you to carry or move them around. You may also get them in several sizes. And you can check on the label or description spec of a box, to know if it is dishwasher safe.

To get some cheap cupcake boxes, you may buy your boxes wholesale, online and/or compare the price ranges offered by cupcake boxes suppliers. If you choose to buy wholesale, the more boxes you buy, the better the discounts you are likely to get. Online you will find several cupcake boxes suppliers, you can readily compare their prices on any item you may wish to buy. While comparing an item, you will also need to take into consideration, the cost of shipping and packaging the item from the location of the store, or outlet you may wish to buy from.