cup cake boxesIndividual cupcake boxes and cupcakes may be used as a thank you for coming party gift or favor, for birthdays, weddings, graduations etc. To get the right type of boxes for your party, you will need to decide on how you will want to mix or combine the colors, designs, styles and shapes of the individual cupcake boxes, you may want to use for your own party.

Individual cup cake boxes are made from materials like paper and plastic. They can be clear or opaque, clear individual cupcake boxes are usually plastic boxes. You may get clear cupcake boxes with or without a base, the base may come in several colors. You can get opaque individual cupcake boxes as plain or floral/patterned boxes. Opaque boxes may have solid tops/covers, or they may have open tops (with clear covers or lids) you can see through, to what is in the box.

The open tops of opaque cupcake boxes, may be heart shaped, square shaped, rectangular etc. The individual cupcake boxes themselves may have round, rectangular and some other types of shapes too, individual cupcake boxes may also have handles. And instead of just a flat lid or cover, the top of a cupcake box may be designed as floral, ribbons and so on too.

You may use the design of your box, your cupcake decorations, shredded papers, tissue papers and ribbons, as the decorative accents for your cupcake box. You can choose cupcake box designs and colors that match your party theme, or a season and/or your favorite colors. You may also use more than one type of cupcake box colors for your party too. You may use patterned/colored ribbons, tissue and shredded papers. You can get your boxes and other decorative items in polka dots, floral, quilted patterns, pinstripes etc, designs or patterns.

You may choose a cupcake size for your party, and then choose a box that will fit that size or vice versa. You can get standard size cup cake boxes, smaller boxes or boxes with a little bit of some extra space, you can stuff shredded paper into for example, to use with a box. You may also use personalized stickers, labels or tags with your individual cupcake boxes. What you will basically need to do, is to select a cupcake box material type, color, shape, design/style and size, with some ribbons, after which you can then add any other item as you see fit.