single cupcake boxesThere are many different kinds of cupcake boxes. Some come with inserts, which are ideal if you need to transport the cupcakes from one location to another. Some boxes are clear while others are made partly from cardboard and feature cute designs and decorations. There are single cupcake boxes and cupcake boxes that hold six, ten, a dozen or twenty four cupcakes.

Clear single cupcake boxes are ideal for weddings, anniversaries, receptions, banquets, formal parties and social events. These boxes are also quite inexpensive to purchase. If you need a large quantity of these boxes, then Amazon sells a set of twenty four of these boxes for $20. Online retailer Koyal Wholesale sells a box of one hundred of these single cupcake boxes for $85. One type of clear cupcake holder that is quite stylish is the Clear Top Cupcake Box selling at eBay. This particular type of cupcake box has a clear acetate top with a colored plastic bottom; the bottom part of the holder comes in about eleven different colors and you can purchase a set of ten of these boxes for $7.50.

If the cupcakes are given out at the end of a party or event for people to take home, then you may wan to consider personalized white cupcake favor boxes with handles. These cute boxes can be purchased from; the cost of personalization is included with the price. You can purchase these boxes in varrying quantities, although you will need to purchase a minimum of fifty. The boxes cost a little over a dollar each unless you are purchasing a hundred or more.

Individual cupcake boxes come in many different colors and styles. Choose a color and style that is suitable for the occasion. If you are preparing these cupcakes for a baby shower, then find out from the parents to be ahead of time which color they would prefer. There are also cupcake boxes that are made especially for birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays.

It is important to take the time to consider what type of cupcake boxes you want before you start shopping. Consider which colors and styles would be appropriate for the occasion. You should also consider whether or not the cupcakes will be eaten at the event itself or given out as people are leaving. Take the time to consider all your options and see which exact cupcake boxes are best for the event.