cupcake boxesNow that you have mastered the fine art of cupcake making, cupcake boxes and inserts are the next items to look into. You have made however many dozen cupcakes that you need for the party, but how do you get them there? Transporting finished bake goods well can mean the difference between getting rave reviews and receiving those pitying looks.

Cupcake boxes are decorative little containers specifically designed to carry cupcakes. They come in many shapes and sizes, so you are sure to be able to find one that fits your needs. These containers can hold from a single treat to a couple dozen. They range from plain white cardboard, to very intricate designs and patterns. The inserts are little dividers that will keep the cupcakes from falling over. If the party (or your cupcakes) has a theme, then it would be a fun idea to get boxes that match that theme. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, whatever the style of party you are preparing for, there is a box to match it. For the professional baker, these boxes are a necessity. These prized masterpieces of baking should not arrive to the client in paper bags. Cupcake boxes finalize the presentation, and ensure that your treats show up in one piece. There is nothing worse than having your final product destroyed on the delivery. Cupcake boxes can ensure that your reputation stays strong. Plus, choosing a box that is decorative and interesting can cause people to pay more attention to who delivered it, which could equal more sales.

For the home baker, these boxes can put the finishing touches on the perfect party. You wouldn’t serve finger sandwiches on a plain white paper plate, so why serve cupcakes on a boring platter? These little containers turn a sweet treat into an individual gift, one to be unwrapped by each guest. Whether they are all the same, or individually chosen for each guest, cupcake boxes add another touch of excellence to your presentation.

Cupcake boxes and inserts are an integral part of your party planning. If you keep them in mind while choosing the theme, the decorations, and the colors for your event, you can make sure that the guests are thoroughly amazed with your creativity. These boxes are also a simple little touch that can demonstrate how well you pay attention to detail, and show the attendees how much that you care.