plastic cupcake boxesNowadays anyone planning to host a wedding, baby shower or a birthday party wants to do something new and different. Theme parties are becoming very popular. There is a lot of planning required in the arrangement of such occasions. A cake is the first thing that comes to mind when you have a birthday whether it is for kids or grownups. Muffins and cupcakes are very popular food item and they are available in a wide variety of flavors and shapes to choose from.

If you are planning to have a theme, like a fairy tale birthday for your little princess’s birthday, then there is lot you can do to make it creative. One aspect is to give away assorted muffins in clear cupcake boxes. The markets are flooded with clear cupcake boxes priced differently as per their quality. They come in different shapes and sizes like round, square, rectangle or heart-shaped to suit your needs. They look very classy and they can be decorated as per the color or theme chosen. Placing a decorative bow or ribbon matching the birthday girl’s dress on the box turns it into an elegant gift. When using these clear cupcake boxes you can also use decorative wrappers with lovely colorful patterns and designs. Searching the internet for wrapper and cup cake packing ideas will give you amazing options. If you are a creative mind just put forth your thoughts to the vendor and they will design a special wrapper for you. You can have your baby’s favorite cartoon character put on the wrapper. Inscribing the wrapper or the insert of the box with the birth date and name is also a good idea. A thank you note can also be tied along with the ribbon on the box. This will make the favors look more personalized.

Individual cupcake holders are the best option if you are planning to give away these cakes as favors for the invitees. These plastic cupcake boxes can be purchased in bulk for such events at a much cheaper price. Clear cupcake boxes to hold six to a dozen of muffins come in handy for carrying them to longer distances. They can be bought in bulk to save money and stacked flat until you need to put it to use. Keep your party theme in mind, choose your own clear cupcake boxes, and proudly flaunt your baked goodies to your guests.