Avatar Party Supplies

Avatar is one of the hottest movies of 2010, adults and children alike loved the movie, which is why it would make a great theme for your child’s next birthday party. There are many Avatar party supplies available that will make this day a sensational hit.

Bring Pandora’s forest alive in your home by setting up a haunted forest back drop, cover your table with a sky blue table cloth, and drape Avatar crepe paper streamers in your door way and around the table. Do not forget the balloons and confetti, these items should follow the same color scheme of sky blue, dark blue, and silver; latex balloons are great for this type of occasion, but adding blue star foil balloons will enhance the atmosphere. Avatar paper lunch plates, dessert plates, napkins, and cups will help add to the party experience and will ensure you an easy way to clean up when the day is done.

Every party needs party favors for the children to take home and this can be accomplished by purchasing Avatar movie party favor box. These boxes will allow the children to take a piece of Pandora home with them. Included in these boxes are Avatar sticker, a glow stick, glittered bouncing ball, a crawling ninja, a snap and glow lollipop, and a glow putty egg.

A party is not a party without guest, picking up Avatar invitations are a great way to invite the kids as well as inform them and their parents of the theme. It is always polite to thank people for coming to your event and for any gifts they may have brought and a fantastic way to do this is Avatar thank you cards.

Avatar party supplies are offered online and at your local retailer stores. There are some online retailers that will provide shipping for free, making this special day easy on your pocket book.

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