Wall E was a very popular movie that lots of kids and parents enjoyed. They are still popular with many children wanting to have this special character as their birthday party theme to help guide them and their friends through the great day ahead.

There are basic party packs that can be purchased. These generally come with cups, napkins, a table cover, balloons, plates and plastic ware. They come in the Wall E colors of blue, yellow and black. This is enough to brighten up any kids house and promote a lot of fun. There are other items that can be purchased separately as well. A pinata and even invitations in packages of eight can be found where party supplies are sold. Other items are a banner, centerpiece for the table and even thank you notes for your child to fill out and help to mail off to everyone who helped him or her enjoy his entry into another year of great kid fun.

To add to these great Wall-E party supplies you could buy streamers to decorate the dining room or porch even more to the delight of your young one. They will love helping to tape up this fun tape. Confetti is a fun thing too especially if you have a kid who likes to vacuum. They can throw it at each other.

Of course you cannot forget the cake. Finding a cake maker with the Wall E decorations should not be too hard. Or if you have a creative streak make it yourself. Make it the same colors as Wall E himself then frost it with a thick coating of great blue icing. To top it off add one of the toys he loves to play with. The first stop can be in the bath tub to finish cleaning off the sticky from his wheels.