Kitty Party Games For LadiesLadies will be ladies and do they want to be entertained? Well! The rise of one minute games for kitty party ideas certainly shows the kind of bonhomie which they can generate within their closed groups and thus reach out for maximum entertainment. Their desires are probably far lesser than the gender they espouse and only a few kitty party games can ideally lift their spirits during the weekends.

One Minute Games for Kitty Parties

There are various kitty party games for ladies and each has some kind of a novelty surrounding them, especially one minute games for kitty parties. Think of the Bouncy Balloons. This one is a hilarious game that requires each lady to inflate a balloon. Once done, they have to pass the balloon to the lady lying left to them. Now, all the ladies are supposed to bounce on the balloons and puncture or pop them. One who does first wins and naturally so.

Kissing Card is another very smart game. It is a perfect one for allowing the less familiarized faces to mingle with already familiar ones. Each lady is asked to stand with hands at their rear. One of them picks a card randomly and sucks it in with her lips. Such a strong suction automatically glues the card tight on her lips. Now, she has to keep the hands right at the back and move ahead to the next lady. Here, she has to post the card on her lips and ask her to suck it hard. The game goes on in a chain and the one who lasts for maximum duration wins.

One Minute Games for Ladies

Ladies can play Knot the Marbles too. Here, they require 100 marbles and 5 ladies. As an aside, this one minute game for ladies requires lots of rubber garters and 5 handkerchiefs too. Each person is provided with one handkerchief and 20 marbles. The idea is to place one marble at a time in the hanky and tie it with a rubber band. A lady needs to do it for next one minute and try placing as many marbles as possible.  The one who places maximum number of them wins the game. This game is a definitely a smart and fun game along with all the other 1 minute games for ladies followed around the world.

Other One Minute Party Games

There are various other one minute kitty party games for ladies too. The idea should be to create the games in such a fashion that it does not place anyone in a particular advantage. The hosts should also ensure a few small prizes to seek greater motivation from the players.