Surprise your husband or son this year with a party celebrating his favorite team. Find their colors, get a blow up of one of his favorite players and even color the chip dip in their colors. They will love it and you for thinking of it. Find New Orleans Saints party supplies at many places. Not only are they carried by party suppliers but also at places such as Dicks Sporting Goods. Online suppliers also carry many of the items you may want but cannot find at a retailer near you.

Decorating for this theme of party will be easy with all the things that are made for just this occasion. There are eight foot banners that will look great strung across the deck or patio. Yard pennants will look great right near the place you deem as the goal line. Other items for a big party with the guys are cool light up ice cubes with the Saints logo on them. These will make quite a stir when you serve the drinks while these float around in the glass. Or you can make cute little mixed drinks with Saints umbrellas on them. Hors D’eurves are a great item for a guy party too. Saints sticks will be the perfect thing to hold together the meat and cheese snacks.

Cover the picnic table with a football field table cover. It is lined just like the real thing and there are even little players of three inches that can be stood on the lines. Or, with the cake decorated like a field, place these characters on top of it. They can look as though they are pushing over the candles.

Posters, full sized helmets and even player posters will add to the decor of this event. Have this party to celebrate a win or just to show your support of what you consider the greatest team in history.