Little Einsteins is a popular animated show on television. It is aimed at toddlers and preschoolers and is a great hit with them. The show features classical music and famous art works. It features a group of four children who go on missions on their airplane, ‘Rocket’. If you are planning a birthday party for your young one then you make like to choose a Little Einstein theme. Of course you would need little einstein party supplies to make the party a hit.

It is best to shop for such party supplies online as you can choose from numerous retailers and may also pick up some great party ideas. Begin planning for the party at least 3-6 weeks in advance. This would give you enough time to ensure that you have all the supplies that you would need. You will be also be able to plan out every aspect of the party efficiently. You would need party invitations that feature the characters from the show. Choose decorations and games that match the theme. An easy and inexpensive way of creating a Little Einstein cake is by baking a cake in a flavor that your child likes and adding edible cake icing that can be bought online.

You can organize simple games such as “pat, pat, pat” to give Rocket more power, or have a treasure hunt with simple clues that lead to small treasure bags for each child. Do play classical music that the children can identify from the show.

After all the excitement of playing games you can set out a table covered with paper and hand out Little Einstein coloring pages and plenty of crayons to go around. In the mean time, you could set up the cake and food, and get ready for some more excitement. Your list of little einstein party supplies would also include party favors such as stickers, toys, coloring books and CDs, and party favor bags too.