Fun And Silly Games For Kitty Party For Ladies

games for kitty party for ladiesIn kitty parties generally women gather in a group for entertainment and to getaway from the routine hectic schedules. The get-together include thrilling games, delicious food, decorations, dress code etc. Among these, games for kitty party for ladies are considered the most exciting part and enable to the keep the guests engaged for a long time. In addition, the recreational activities help the participants to easily communicate and know more about each other. Some of the exciting games include:

Handbag bingo is similar to a normal bingo with the exception that visitors will need to fill the bingo cards with different names of items available in their purse. The same also needs to be written on paper slips. The hostess will then need to place the paper slips in a bowl and take draws on a random basis until one of the participants gets a bingo call. Similarly, there is day-night which requires individuals to dance and remain in the same posture when the music is stopped. The person who loses the balance or fails to stand for long will need to perform a task as suggested by other contestants.

Separating marbles is another popular sport in which each member will need to separate marbles placed in a bowl using a spoon. This is time based and the members will need to complete the entire process in a minute. The other type is bursting the balloons. In this, the guests need to be divided into two groups. A member from one team will need to tie few balloons on one leg and hop around a specified area or table. The opponent member will then need to try and burst the balloons. The individual who bursts maximum number of balloons within a stipulated time limit will receive a point for the team.

Memory game is also increasingly favored in kitty parties. Initially, the participants is shown around 20-30 products placed in a tray for about 40 seconds. Following this, the tray is hidden and each contestant needs to note down the items seen in the tray within one minute time. The person who writes down the majority items is declared the winner. Likewise card games like bluff, poker, etc. is also a best entertainment option. This is ideal for aged women as it is less tedious and will keep them preoccupied. It can thus be regarded that these simple games for kitty party for ladies will not only create lot of fun but will also make the gathering memorable.


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