Jessie Toy Story Party Supplies

jessie toy story party suppliesToy story party supplies primarily comprises of decorative items, stand up figures, centerpieces, cutouts, invitations, plates, cups, table cloths, napkins etc. ideal for theme-based birthday parties. In addition, the range contains Jessie toy story party supplies that offer an enhanced look to the parties. The supplies can be purchased online or from toy retail outlets.

Toy story is a popular animated children’s film created by John Lasseter. The major characters of the movie include Woody, the cowboy doll and Buzz lightyear, an action-based astronaut figure. The growing popularity of the movie has led to the production of an array of merchandise suitable for children parties. However it requires proper planning before arranging a toy story birthday party in an affordable manner.

Party ideas:

Invitation – The foremost factor is to create an artistic invitation for the toy story party. This can be personalized with the child’s name, birth date, party place, time etc. Besides, the images of toy story characters can be printed on the invitation. To save time and effort, the invitations can also be purchased from toy story supplies.

Theme – This is another major factor to be planned in advance. The party can be integrated with themes related to the movie. The guests can be requested to come dressed in different toy story costumes. Further food, decorations and games in the party can also be based on the theme planned. Some popular themes include buzz lightyear party, woody toy party, cowboy party, Jesse party, toy story 3 etc.

Decorations – The party area can be decorated to resemble either Andy’s room, toy store, outer space or Woody’s roundup. Other decorative ideas include suspending paper airplanes from the ceiling using a fishing line, mounting cow boy hats at several areas of the setting, playing the movie on the background in low volume, using toy story action stand-up figures, adorning each table with plastic military men, providing 3D glasses for each kid etc. Besides, the area can be decorated in varying color patterns like blue, green, white, red, lime green etc. depending on the theme of the party.

Games – The party can be made exciting by including several games or fun activities like toy story bingo, charades, darts, air hockey, Mr. Hot potato, bowling, scavenger hunt etc. The winners of each game can be awarded with toy story figures or by giving party favors as a special treat to all guests. These games also facilitate in better communication and enhancing the social skills of children.

Food – The best options would be to arrange a cowboy barbeque over camp-fire with marshmallows and hotdogs or ordering pizzas for the guests. While ideas for dessert and snack items include sugar cookies, fruit drinks, ice-cream, crackers etc.

In this way by incorporating suitable toy story party supplies and ideas, a birthday party can be made memorable for a child to cherish lifelong.

Toy Story Party Supplies and Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

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