jessie toy story party ideasIf you are looking for Jessie Toy Story party ideas you have plenty to choose from. The colors are gorgeous and bright. The hard part will be to decide which supplies to purchase for your party in order to give your gathering a central focus.

One great way to throw a Toy Story party centered around Jessie is to concentrate on the western theme that Jessie portrays. You can opt for a few central Toy Story items, and then make the rest of the gathering more western in nature.

A great place to start is with a brightly colored tablecloth. Plastic works great and is easy to keep clean. Jessie’s cowboy hat is red, so maybe a nice bright red tablecloth would really help to set the tone for your table. On top of the tablecloth you could put Toy Story plates and cups to give real impact. Next opt for solid color plastic utensils. Lime green or bright yellow plastic utensils would look great against the red tablecloth and would tie in nicely to the rest of your color story. Be sure to pick up some Toy Story paper napkins too. By coordinating all of your table items your get together will have a real impact the minute that all of your giggling guests arrive at the door.

You can opt for plenty of colorful balloons around the room. Lots of coordinating brightly colored balloons in every corner adds plenty of pizzazz and they are not expensive at all. Tie the entire room together with twisted crepe paper strung from every corner to the center of your room.

Once you have the basic decor all sorted out you can start to think about what sort of food items to serve. Hot dogs tie in nicely to your western theme and they are child friendly too. You can opt for pretzel sticks instead of chips. For a fun dessert you can serve wagon wheels to tie into your western theme. If you are feeling particularly creative you can always buy or make small little cakes in the shape of a cowboy hat. The children will love them and they coordinate perfectly with Jessie’s cowboy hat.

No matter which direction you decide to take your party in, just be sure to pick a central theme and color story and then stick with it throughout your decorating scheme. It is that repetition of pattern and color that will tie your entire party together.