Party Ideas For Hens Night Games

ideas for hens night gamesIt’s interesting that you hear a lot about what happens at a bachelor party, but rarely hear about what happens at a hens night party. Even in the movies, the topic is rarely addressed, and when it is, it is in passing at best, not providing any decent ideas for hens night games.

Like the guys, the girls are celebrating the soon-to-be-married woman’s last night of freedom before she has to settle into married life. There is invariably a male dancer or two, but they are just the beginning of the party; there is more to emphasize the social connections of the women involved. Some of the ideas for hens night games tend to look at ways for the hens to prepare her for married life by sharing advice or secrets, get drunk, or some combination of the two. These games become the real meat of the party.

It should be noted that there are few free hens night games to play; they usually require alcohol to get into the mood. The alcohol is obviously not mandatory, but it does act as a social lubricant; allow some time to sober up before anyone is allowed to go home or allow for cab fare. Of course, the games themselves require almost no expensive items; the most expensive parts are usually pens and paper, maybe some other props, but there is usually nothing too expensive to pick up for the games.

Plenty of secrets comes out during hens night games. Variations of truth or dare are the most common, with the “dare” part replaced by a drink of alcohol. One version is “clink and drink”; groups of people are called out, and if any women belong to that group they clink glasses like a toast and drink either a sip or a shot. Another is calling out words that can not be used for the evening, such as “wedding” or “bride”, and then each time a person uses that word someone else can grab one of two clips on her. There are plenty of hens night games to play; it just requires a little research to find them and a lot of alcohol to play them.

These parties are usually the hit of the year, and can be a lot of fun. They are a great excuse to let hair down, and are the last hurrah for a woman’s freedom. Find someone who you trust to create a great party, and charge into one!

Enjoyable And Interesting Ideas For Hens Night Games

Hen night is special event for every girl who getting married around the corner. They are usually held on the night before her wedding. She will be treated as the guest of honor in the party and well pampered before she leaves the single life. A hen night does not need to an expensive party. …»