Hen Party Themes and Hens Night Games to Play

hens night games to playParty games are considered to be an important part of the tradition of hen nights. However, there are numerous hens night games to play and choosing the best one is often easier imagined than done. It is precisely for this reason that you ought to factor in the personality of the guests who will be attending when you narrow down your choices for hens night games. As a general rule of thumb hoever, traditional party games such as the scavenger hunt or the balloon pass are considered to be more appropriate if you predominantly have conservative guests. Both these games are the best options for you, given your guests’ personalities. You might wonder: why is this so?

This is because the balloon pass game can often lend a competitive spirit to your party guests, since it requires the guests to break up into two or more teams as they pass the balloon from one person to another. Because they would not be using their hands as they do this until it gets to the finish line, this can often encourage your guests to think and work as a team, thereby making them have fun while also enjoying the presence of each other in one single game.

Another awesome hens night game that can help build team work and bring everyone closer together while having fun is the ever popular scavenger hunt. If you are the hostess, the first thing that you should do is to hide some objects in your house. After you do this, you then need to list down some clues regarding what each item is and where it might be hidden. By this part of the game, guests are usually more giddy than usual, so you have to keep their excitement up. Then you group the guests into teams, and give rewards to the team that comes up with all of the listed items.

If on the other hand, you have guests that are more outgoing and free-spirited, then you can always opt for more daring games, such as Truth or Dare, I Never, or Rate the Man. Oftentimes, these games are appealing to party women who just want to have a good time and a few good laughs in the company of their girlfriends. More specifically, I Never is the best party game if you are going out with friends. To play this, one person starts by mouthing the words: “I Never”, and comes up with an act that she has not done in her life. If anyone else in the circle has done this particular deed, then she needs to have a drink.

Enjoyable And Interesting Ideas For Hens Night Games

Hen night is special event for every girl who getting married around the corner. They are usually held on the night before her wedding. She will be treated as the guest of honor in the party and well pampered before she leaves the single life. A hen night does not need to an expensive party. …»