Hens Night Games Ideas For A Successful Hen’s Night

hens night games ideasA Hen’s night is all about fun, female bonding and of course celebrating! Drinking (and drinking games!) are often a part of the party but they do not have to be. Here are some great ideas for an awesome party.

Some games have to be set up in advance and then are played through out the night. Think about an all night scavenger hunt where the bride is given a lits of items or acts to be completed during the party. Think of items like “a picture with the bartender taking shot”, or you can get a little raunchy if you like! Balloon Question is another game played out during the night. Before the party print out 20 embarrassing questions (Were you drunk the first time you had sex, etc.), and as the balloons get popped(you know they will!) the bride has to answer the questions.

At the start of the party not everyone knows each other so bonding is essential. Since this will be easier for some than others, have a few ideas to make everyone feel welcome. A few silly games to loosen everyone up should do the trick. A great starter: How well does the bride to be know her man? Have each girl write a question on a slip of paper and the lucky lady draws them out one at a time. Another great game: split into teams and its time for a hen party purse scavenger hunt! Make sure to add some fun items like condoms, extra panties or boyfriend/husbands credit card and all the girls will be bonded in no time!

Now that everyone knows each other the best games can begin. Truth or dare is a classic game that should not be left out of a hen party! Pin the penis on the man is an adult version of a childhood classic, make it even more fun with different size penises and have each girl pose with her man! A fun game for drinking is “Never have I ever” The rules are easy, just make sure each girl has a drink in front of her. One by one guest say something they have never done: “Never have I ever had sex in an elevator”. Each girl that has done the act has to drink.

These are just a few hens night games ideas to get you started don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with more ideas!

Enjoyable And Interesting Ideas For Hens Night Games

Hen night is special event for every girl who getting married around the corner. They are usually held on the night before her wedding. She will be treated as the guest of honor in the party and well pampered before she leaves the single life. A hen night does not need to an expensive party. …»