Hello Kitty Party Games

hello kitty party gamesIf you are planning for your child’s birthday party you may require a theme. It would be smart to choose hello kitty as a party theme. You can decorate your home in various ways using this theme which will be greatly enjoyed by children and guests attending the party. Remember to keep the decorations very simple and elegant. Use light colors like pink, white, silver, light blue, etc. You can plan for some kitty party games for the visitors. Also plan for some interesting activities for the children like coloring, painting, making a kitty doll, drawing pictures etc. You can encourage them to make special greeting cards to present to the birthday child.

The best way to highlight the theme is to use the image of Hello kitty in many places. Along with beautifully colored balloons you can use the images which will be great fun to look at. Children will be very happy to see the images of their favorite character in various places. Try to get some posters which match the theme of your party. Also use beautiful streamers all over the area. To make the party more interesting and engaging plan for some hello kitty party games.

A very simple and interesting game is pinning the bow on hello kitty. Everybody will be interested to take part in such games which are very interesting, easy, challenging and amusing. All you have to do is to draw a large image of hello kitty on a chart and stick it on a poster board. Make some bows and keep them ready. Blindfold the children one by one and lead them to the image. Each one has to pin the bow on the right place. Children who do it correctly should be rewarded.

There are several other hello kitty party games which can be included in the party like finding kitty, finger painting, mouse catch, hunting for the cake etc. Once the party games are over you can serve them birthday party food and drinks. If possible bake a cake in the shape of hello kitty. Children would find it very interesting and amusing. Serve them drinks like tea party punch, pink lemonade, star-studded soda etc. You can also hand over birthday party favors to the little guests. You can find unique types of favors for kids in any party stores. All these will make the party very interesting and memorable.

Cute and Fun Kitty Party Games

Children and adults love adorable kittens and it makes people feel playful. Hello Kitty party games are very common for children and there are kitty party games for ladies. Kitty party games can be for everybody. If you are looking for something besides exclusive ladies kitty party games then think kitty party games couples. A …»