cupcake boxesWhether you are baking cupcakes to be sold for charity or simply making the cupcakes to gift to a friend or relative, purchasing cupcake boxes is an idea that should be seriously considered. There are individual cupcake boxes and cupcake boxes that hold a number of cupcakes. These boxes are attractive, inexpensive, and come in a variety of styles. You can find them via a number of online retailer websites.

Clear cupcake boxes are classy and often used for weddings and reception parties, although you can use them for other occasions as well. A box of twenty-four single cupcake boxes can be purchased at for around $20. If you only need a small quantity of these boxes, other online retailers sell a set of six of these boxes for around $4. (If you do the math, then you will see that these boxes are actually more affordable than the ones offered by Amazon.)

Cupcake boxes and inserts are ideal if you are gifting a whole box of homemade cupcakes; the inserts will help to hold the cupcakes in place and prevent them from getting ruined as you travel with them. The boxes have designs on them and can be purchased quite inexpensively. Online retailer Shop Baker’s Nook sells a cupcake box with insert that will hold twenty four cupcakes; this particular box only costs a bit more than $3. You can also purchase cupcake boxes with inserts that will hold individuals cupcakes or four, six or a dozen cupcakes at a time. For those who need large quantities of these boxes, eBay is currently selling a set of twelve cupcake boxes with inserts (each box holds 12 cupcakes) for $38.

Besides choosing the right size of cupcake box, it is also important to choose ones with appropriate decorations. There are plain colored cupcake boxes and while these are often the most inexpensive, they are not quite as classy as the ones with prints. There are cupcake boxes that are made specifically for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays, and there are ones with cute designs and styles that can be used for pretty much any special occasion. Clear ones can be ideal for wedding or for formal birthday parties and functions.

Choose a style of box that suits your needs. As you can see, there are a number of online retailers that sell cupcake boxes, so it should not be hard to find what you need at a price you can afford.