Party Ideas For Cupcake Boxes

cupcake boxesIndividual cupcake boxes are a very recent trend. If you are hosting a party or a social event, you might want to use them as a way of spicing things up a little. However, ordinary looking boxes will not really captivate your guests. Here are a few ideas you can implement.

Clear Windows

A number of bakeries these days are revolutionizing their packaging methods by using individual cupcake boxes with translucent see through windows. This excellent design allows recipients at a party to see what it is they are going to treat themselves to before attempting to open the boxes. This greatly reduces the incidents of wastages as some people might not like what they see once they open a generic box.

Carrier Attachments

There are so many ways to add both flair and convenience to your individual cupcake boxes and one way to do this is by simply having carrier attachments. These attachments are placed on the roof of the box and allow the guests you have invited to your party to carry their cupcakes home in style. You do not have to do much in order to achieve this as a simple cardboard loop and glue can have this complete in no time at all.

Use Themes

You can have themed individual cupcake boxes as a way to leave a lasting impression on recipients. Your party guests might be so intrigued by your themes that they will choose not to open the individual cupcake boxes and just keep them as souvenirs. If it is a Christmas party you can try having crucifixes, pictures of Father Christmas on his sledge and whatever you feel works. And if it is a Halloween Party you can play around with gory images and skeletons. Whatever party it is, just try to follow a particular theme.


Plain cupcake boxes make your lavish treats look dangerously boring. So add a bit of elegance to your cupcake boxes by using ribbons of different colors in whichever places you deem fit. You can play around with different ribbon colors so as to eliminate any monotony. And to make it even better, adding a small card with a message will have party guests feeling special and loved in more ways than you can ever imagine. Embossed gift wrapping paper also works wonderfully as a fine addition to the ribbons. However, wrapping paper does not quite work well with the see through windows so you will have to make a stern choice between the two.

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