Cheap Cupcake Boxes

cheap cupcake boxesCelebrations, weddings and baby showers, every holiday under the sun, we all love parties. No one can resist having a party, or attending one. When you are sharing cake from your wedding, individual clear cupcake boxes are a delight to carry home by the little handle. One that is especially nice has an interlocking bottom with a small silver card in it. Made of heavy duty PVC, in a perfect four inch by three inch by two and a half inch shape, it holds one cupcake. The price is right at twenty-four for less than ten dollars.

If you appreciate colorful boxes, here is an individual cupcake box with a clear top, in a perfect square four inches. Buy two hundred in a lot for $66.99. For a smaller gathering, purchase ten for $5.69. Available in several colors, all with a clear window on the top cover.

If thrifty is your name, cheap cupcake boxes are an excellent answer. But don’t dismay, cheap doesn’t mean curmudgeonly. These superlative plain white boxes are ideal on which to use your creative ideas to turn them into the party theme or color. Let your imagination take over and have fun decorating for your special day. These two inch mini cupcake cubes come twelve to a box, at a budget friendly $4.42.

When winter finally rolls around but you aren’t up to shopping for the holidays, buy a supply of these festive individual cupcake boxes with a holiday tree cutout in a variety of colors and designs. Everyone loves home baked gifts. Only $3.99 a dozen for these joyous cupcake boxes with clear tops.

Whether it is Halloween, a fourth of July celebration or a retirement party, your guests will remember the occasion you sent them home with a cupcake in its own little decorated box. A case of 100 standard four inch square cake boxes for $16.01 is a deal worth celebrating. The cupcake holder inside keeps the cake right side up. These are reversible brown and white. If you prefer a solid red, blue, or other colors, the expense is just a bit higher.

If you are searching for a premium cupcake box, to hold one, two, four, six or a dozen cupcakes, there are some interesting shapes. Find clear cupcake boxes, inexpensive ones and all shapes imaginable. Mini purses, hearts, standard clear with a bow on top, ribbon trimmed cubes and small pillow shapes. If you can imagine it, there is no doubt you can find it. Have a great party.

Cupcake Boxes Suppliers

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Plastic Cupcake Boxes

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Using Cupcake Boxes

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Using Clear Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes are easy to make and you can decorate them in any way you want. With cupcakes, there is no fear of your cakes falling apart, while you are taking them out from the baking pan. To get your cupcakes to your parties however, you will need a way to keep them intact, and get …»

Clear Cupcake Boxes A Lovely Party Gift

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Cupcake Boxes and Individual Cupcake Boxes Party Ideas

Whether you are baking cupcakes to be sold for charity or simply making the cupcakes to gift to a friend or relative, purchasing cupcake boxes is an idea that should be seriously considered. There are individual cupcake boxes and cupcake boxes that hold a number of cupcakes. These boxes are attractive, inexpensive, and come in …»