Baby Shower Themes For BoysA soon to be mother finds organizing a baby shower is a very exciting event in her life. At a shower, friends and family come together to celebrate a new baby, a welcome addition to their group that will soon be joining them. However, while this is an exciting time it can also be a bit stressful trying to pick out the perfect theme for the party. A themed baby shower does not only serve to be cute, but can also aid guests when they are trying to decide on the perfect gift for the baby.

There is an array of baby shower themes available, especially baby shower themes for boys. Gone are the days of a simple blue theme for boys, baby shower themes are becoming much more imaginative and fun.

One of the most popular baby shower themes for boys is the jungle theme. This is not only a popular theme but also one that is easy to put together. Jungle invitations, plates, and tablecloths are widely available in most party stores. Stuffed animals such as monkeys, elephants, lions, and giraffes can be used to decorate the room. An added bonus is once the party is finished the stuffed animals can be given to the baby when it is born. Foliage can be picked up at craft stores for relatively inexpensive prices. Food that is served at the party can also correspond to the jungle theme with items such as monkey bread, cookies baked in the shape of animals, Make a vanilla and chocolate swirl cake and call it zebra surprise. Of course, a tropical fruit salad is necessary at any jungle theme baby shower.

A pirate theme is another great idea for a shower. A pirate theme definitely calls for lots of gold covered chocolate coins scattered around the tables. Once again, faux jewels can found at craft stores and placed into a treasure chest. Jugs made to look like they hold rum or whiskey can be used to hold ice tea or lemonade instead. Do rags and eye patches can be made available to guests if they wish to dress up and really embrace the theme. A scavenger hunt can be set up with clues hidden around the room with either a gift certificate or a pirate DVD such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

A baby shower theme gaining popularity is the rock star theme. This is a perfect theme for mothers who will be having guests that are in the 20-30 age range or mothers who are serious music fans. Games for a rock star shower could not be simpler to organize. A karaoke or Guitar Hero competition would be both entertaining and fun for guests. Guests could also be asked to come to the party dressed as their favorite rock star, with a prize going to the best dressed. The shower invitations could be made to look like backstage passes at a concert and favors could include temporary tattoos.

When choosing baby shower themes for boys it is important that they not only suit the mother, but the guests who are invited as well. If guests feel comfortable with the theme then it is more likely that they will loosen up and have fun. It is also important to choose a theme that will allow your guests to translate it easily into a gift for your baby.