Love Balloons

love balloonsLove balloons are evergreen and simple, yet lovely, pieces which form symbols of love. A love balloon, when gifted to someone, even as a casual gift, is bound to touch their heart. An entire party based on the theme of love balloons is simply wonderful. It will make the party purely romantic and quite enchanting. It might sound funny and pointless, hosting a balloon themed party for adults, but even adults like balloons, specially if they are love balloons.

Organizing an entire party based on the theme of love balloons is not an easy task but it is not impossible either. A lot of planning and effort will be required, but the results that you will get will make all the effort worth it.  All the work, from invitation cards to return gifts, needs to be done almost like a normal balloon theme party except for the fact that only small and big love balloons should be used.

You can use various ideas for the invitation cards. Write it on a piece of paper, put it inside a love balloon and inflate it. Send it like that to guests. They will need to burst the balloons to read the rolled piece of invitation paper. You can even have simple cards with a love balloons’ background and a line like “I love balloons” or something printed on it in an attractive way along with the invitation.

The decorations is not the difficult part. Go wild using love balloons. Use them everywhere — from the entrance to the party lawn or hall. Use both simple air balloons and helium balloons according to the place where they are suitable.  Make an archway out of love balloons. Have them hanging wherever they look good and can be seen. Use heart shaped love balloons of all colors and shades in addition to the common colors like red, white and pink. You can even cut out heart shapes from red colored hard construction paper and put it over tables, on walls etc. But make sure that you do not over do it as it may end up looking gaudy.

You can give a helium filled love balloon along with a memento to guests when they leave. Look for people around your area who give a love balloon delivery for the number of balloons you want. Always keep extra ones with you as they might burst or get blown away any moment.

Big Love Balloons

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