In 2002 two producers Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino created a popular animated television show called Avatar: the last Airbender. Kids from all over the world have loved the show which lasted for three seasons. This makes a fun party theme for fans of the show, or even gives ideas for Halloween costumes. However, If you are having a difficult time finding avatar the last airbender party supplies or thinking up thematic party ideas then the following tips and information may be of use to you.

Ever house party needs invitations. Since the storyline revolves around the Avatar (Aang) who must bring peace to the world. He sets out on a journey to master the three elements Fire, Water, Earth in order to bring that peace. One of the invitation ideas is to have “elemental invitations”. For example, send invitations using a rock (representation earth), water ( for the water element), or sticks ( which can be used to create fire). Attach a card with the party details to the elemental invitation. In your invitation, you can request that the guest dress up Avatar: the last airbender costumes. However, if you lack the time or resources to create numerous “elemental invitations” then you could try out Ebay’s large selection of Avatar: the last airbender invitations. These invitations, features images from either the TV show or the live action movie, and can be personalized with party information.

For the decorations, try to have a main color mixture of orange, black, blue, and yellow which are the Airbender’s color. You can decorate the walls with Airbender pictures and posters. The are also different games such as the Avatar: the Last Airbender Bingo that can be played during the party. Also, if you are having a birthday party, then there are great Avatar edible cake images that can be purchased. These edible images can be placed on top of the birthday cake’s frosting.

You can take the Avatar:the Last Airbender party theme the next step and create “elemental training” courses. For example, for the water section you can have a small pool of water, and have water balloons, water guns, and other water toys ready for the kids to partake in a water fight. For the fire and Earth section, you can have a fun obstacle course.

Usually toy shops and party stores offer supplies and costumes. Also, Avatar the Last Airbender party supplies and costumes can be found on Ebay and other websites such as With the proper setting and decoration combined with the costumes, you will be able to create a perfect Avatar:the Last Airbender themed party for your child.