love balloonThe special someone in your life will appreciate an assortment of love balloons for special occasions and particularly on Valentine’s day or Sweetest Day. Many sizes and shapes are available with writing or in a shiny or glittery finish. There are typical round and heart shapes, to help create a unique and personalized love balloon bouquet.

Buyers have many options in purchasing and delivering such items to loved ones. They can either purchase the desired items themselves, by going to a party or card specialty store, or by ordering them from a florist that offers delivery service. Taking the time to create a spectacular bouquet with an assortment of pink, red and silver shows how much you care and says quite a bit about your personality. Some party stores will actually provide the service of writing names or special words, others simply sell the items in various forms.

If you are pressed for time, calling or going online and selecting an appropriate bunch with hearts and precious words will show you care as well and thought enough to consider options aside from a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes florists will combine the two, with a single red or pink love balloon and matching roses and baby’s breath. This is also very elegant.

These items are also great to use as party decorations. They can hang from the ceiling in bunches, for a wedding, anniversary or special day. They will look especially appropriate for a Valentine’s day dance or prom. While they can be hung from the ceiling or from light fixtures, they can also be used on tables, as festive centerpieces. Many people also like to hang them above doorways or entries, when a large room is decorated with streamers and party lights. For home celebrations, nobody will miss some bright red and silver bouquets attached to the mailbox or patio column.

Most products are made of mylar or foil. This gives them an already shiny appearance, even before adding shiny ink or glitter. They can be purchased online inexpensively. Single items can be found for under $1 each. You will then need to fill them with helium the day of or the night before your celebration. Prices for those that are inflated for you in the party store can range from $1 to $5 each. Florists will charge extra for making up such bouquets and delivering them. Though prices may be higher than with other retailers, they will still be comparable to sending a bouquet of flowers.