little cupcake boxesCupcake boxes can enhance the cupcake display a lot. There are many cupcake boxes to choose from. Cupcake boxes with inserts are good if one is serving a large quantity of cupcakes. These provide an attractive cupcake display setting and come in many different sizes, styles of design and colors. Little cupcake boxes that hold a single cupcake are also quite cute. These can even be personalized with the name of each person that is attending the party and then handed out at the end as people leave.

First of all, one should decide when the cupcakes are to be served. This will have a large bearing on which type of box would be the best option. Next, it is important to consider how many cupcakes are being made. As was noted above, larger cupcake boxes and inserts are ideal for large parties where many cupcakes are made and served. Individual cupcake boxes are a good choice for small parties or parties in which only a small quantity of cupcakes are served.

No matter what size of cupcake boxes are used, the boxes should match in color and style with the overall decor of the party. If the party is a bit more formal and elegant, then clear acrylic or plastic cupcake boxes are often a good idea. They match well with any style of decor and are more elegant than colorful cardboard cupcake boxes. One can purchase acrylic clear boxes in many sizes. These can be bought either individually or in a set.

If the party is more informal, then choosing colorful cupcake boxes can add a touch of color to the party. The colors should match well with the overall theme of the party. One can usually find a number of options available from online retail stores, although some party stores and supermarkets may sell these as well.

Whether cupcake boxes with inserts or little cupcake boxes are the best choice depends a lot on the type of party that is being held and how many cupcakes are being served. If the person making the cupcakes is not hosting the party, then he or she should consult the host as to what type of cupcake display is needed for the party. This can also have a bearing on what type of cupcakes are made. Cupcake boxes should be displayed in an attractive manner and should be suitable for the type of party that is being held.