kitty party gamesChildren and adults love adorable kittens and it makes people feel playful. Hello Kitty party games are very common for children and there are kitty party games for ladies. Kitty party games can be for everybody. If you are looking for something besides exclusive ladies kitty party games then think kitty party games couples.

A kitty party for adults has games for adults who want to have a relive your childhood type party. Adults get to pretend to be young again and not have anybody look at them like they are weird. The decorations should be something from your childhood. Games can involve crossword puzzles where you find the names of baby animals like puppy, or cria (baby llama) or keet (baby guinea fowl) or cygnet (baby swan). How about a race where team members pull toy cars which contain glasses of water. Spillers are losers. Most people have never tried using their toes to shift marbles from one plate to another. Yes, this game involves taking off shoes and socks. Another is eating candy like M&M with toothpicks and trying to pop each other balloons. Do not forget the camera. You might end up with something you can use for blackmail.

When you think of Hello Kitty, you usually think of a cute little cartoon white kitten that keeps kids entertained. It is the favorite of a lot of sweet little children or children who just like sweet characters. Retailers hoping to accommodate Hello Kitty lovers and make money have a lot of stuff for hello kitty games. Dreams Children’s Party Game has a Hello Kitty game similar to pin the tail on the donkey except the children try to stick the bow on Hello Kitty. The blindfold is included as well as three sheets of stickers with twelve stickers each and the game board. Consider a Hello Kitty Bingo Game for kids ages four and up and for two to six players, which should keep the little kiddies occupied. It would also work for the adults. There is no shortage of Hello Kitty decorations.

A kitty party might be something an animal welfare group or a pet shop might want to try. In this case some of the games might involve real kitties and lots of kitty toys. The welfare group can show off how fun and playful kittens and cats are in hopes of getting them adopted and just to help relieve the boredom of pound cats. A pet shop can invite people to come watch cats play with all the toys they have for sale. People can bring their own cat if they actually have one that travels well, or the pet shop can use some of their cats. People will be drawn to this kind of party because a playful cat is just so cute. Kids might want to bring their Hello Kitty toy to pretend to join the games.