kitty party games for ladiesThough many women enjoy getting together regularly for kitty parties, there is no reason that they must do the same things each time they meet. By trying out new kitty party games every time you get together, you will keep the party interesting and the conversation flowing. Many hosts have little time to devote to planning elaborate parties, so these suggestions are designed to be easy to execute without adding too much additional expense to your party budget. If you are hoping to inject a little more life into your next party, consider trying some of these kitty party games for ladies.

Even if you typically meet with the same group of ladies, you may be surprised at all the things that you do not know about each other. One game, called two truths and a lie, is a great way to learn new, exciting things about your friends. Each guest will state three little known facts about themselves. Two of them will be true and one will be false. It will be up to the other guests to figure out which is which. Those who are in attendance will love the chance to learn about some of the interesting experiences, hobbies or likes and dislikes that they share with those around them.

Host a theme party. There is no reason that theme parties should be confined to younger guests. When sending out your invitations, instruct your guests to get into the mood by dressing in accordance to the theme. If you are more interested in something that is grown up, consider trying a 1920′s American flapper party. Those who would prefer a theme that will be a throw back to their youth should consider something along the lines of a princess party. Costumes do not need to be too elaborate, but it will give your guests the chance to try on a new persona for the day. Whatever you do, be sure to take plenty of pictures that can be shared among the group.

Though many of these parties are ladies only, it can be fun to host one with a stereotypically male theme. Poker parties are a great deal of fun, even if no money will be changing hands. Of course, you can upgrade the snacks to finger sandwiches to keep the proceedings elegant.

With so many kitty party games to choose from, you can keep your regular guests entertained at each meeting. The next time that it falls on you to host, consider doing something different that will bring a little more fun to the proceedings.