individual cupcake boxesThese days cupcakes are becoming more and more popular then cakes. Not only are they easier to make and decorate, they are also easier to serve and eat. The only problem is transporting cupcakes from place to place. While a cake may be easier to transport, you can defiantly jazz up cup cake boxes.

If you’re planning a smaller party and there won’t be a lot of guest attending you may want to think about using individual cupcake boxes. Individual cupcake boxes can defiantly make a cute cupcake cuter, or a fancy cupcake more regal. There are many options out there just as long as you’re willing to take the time to look. If you’re still having trouble finding exactly what you want just remember you can always add your own touches to the individual cupcake boxes. It will cost less to order a plain cupcake box rather than a pre decorated one. Go to any of your local craft or hobby stores and you will find numerous decorations which you can add to your cupcake boxes. Not only is this a perfect way to save money with individual cupcake boxes, but also a perfect way to show off your creative skills.

If you need to transport a larger quantity of cupcakes you may want to think about using cupcake boxes. Cupcake boxes can usually hold anywhere from six cupcakes on up. They have inserts inside of the boxes to help keep the cupcakes in place, and also separated from other cupcakes so that your frostings won’t touch one another. While cupcake boxes are great for transporting there’s no real reason to decorate these boxes. This is where you can save yourself some money. There would be no reason to decorate cupcake boxes since there primary source is just to transport.

If you plan on throwing a party for younger children such as toddlers, you may want to consider mini cupcakes. They are the perfect size for little mouths and little hands. Mini cupcakes are also great for more elegant events. They are much daintier and make for less of a mess. You can use mini cupcake boxes for the transportation of your sweet little treats. The upside of using mini cupcakes versus cupcakes is that mini cupcake boxes usually hold double the amount of cupcakes.

Whether you decide on mini cupcakes or cupcakes you won’t make the wrong decision. Many people look forward to whatever sweet treat you may have for them after a meal. Just remember you have to figure out a way to get your cupcakes where they need to go. If you have a big event such as a wedding, you may want to order cupcake boxes wholesale. You can get a great deal when ordering in bulk. All you have to do is scour the internet and you will find some amazing deals.