i love balloonsA great party is a product of great planning and creative insights. The top three things you need to consider is the occasion, the decoration and the food. The occasion determines the decoration and the food. If you want a romantic party or a bachelorette party then love balloons are the way to go.

Love Balloons

These are balloons which usually have an “I Love You” sign scribbled on it. They come in red or pink colors. You can purchase them in smaller quantities or in a whole bunch. There are fancy arrangements available too, like in the shape of a heart or in a cluster.

You might think it can be cheesy to have i love balloons all over the place but when done tastefully, these are great decorations. Because they are in red already, you might want another color to combine with the color scheme so that it is not too much. Like everything else like the table cloth, the walls or the chairs can be in white so that the red love balloons pop out. You can also combine regular shaped balloons if you want.

Even a small room looks great with a cluster of them arranged in strategic areas of your room. For just $50 you have 100 pieces of balloons already. You can buy the pack for yourself and ask someone to arrange them for you, if you want to cut on costs. You can also choose a more simple design, or save the more expensive ones as a centerpiece and use regular ones as a background.

Once you have your decoration figured out then you can consider the food. It all depends on what time the party is supposed to be so you can decide whether you should have a heavy meal, light snacks, cocktail or what. You can add deserts that match up the decorations or the theme.

Small details matter if you want to be consistent with your party’s theme. You can make food decorations that match the shape of the balloons, or have them in the same colors. There are also cute party favors that doubles as a table decoration and free give aways to your visitors. Music, lighting all add to the ambiance of your party.

It does not matter how much you have to spend on your party, what matters the most is that everything looks great, the food is delicious and everyone is having a great time.