Hens Night GamesHen night is special event for every girl who getting married around the corner. They are usually held on the night before her wedding. She will be treated as the guest of honor in the party and well pampered before she leaves the single life.

A hen night does not need to an expensive party. There are other options and choices you can choose to create an affordable party for you and friends to enjoy. Including several fun and exciting hens night games to play and free hens night games. Most of all, try to keep things as simple as possible without the need for massive cleanup and spending a fortune on party supplies. But, make sure the bride enjoys herself on her last day being single.

Here are some ideas for hens night games you can use to liven up the party.

1. Forbidden Words – Start the game by listing words that must not be said during the whole duration of the party. If the banned words are mentioned, the person has to receive a punishment, like forced to drink a shot or pay a fine. Use words that are commonly used by people in order to make the game more interesting. Be creative and use your imaginations to create unique “punishments” to the game more amusing and entertaining.

2. Truth or Dare – The truth and dare is one of the common games for hens night games. They are usually played along with spin the bottle to randomize the selection of people who will be dared or forced to tell the truth. Ask personal questions to make the game more entertaining. This game is good way to increase the bond between friends and you will get to know some of your friends’ darkest secrets. Do make the dare harder for them so that everyone can have fun watching what your friends will do to keep their secrets from everyone else

3. Karaoke – Singing karaoke also another game you can choose for your hens night games. It is a good way to get everyone involved and participate in the party. Moreover, if party is held together with groom and his friends, it can also be interesting to watch couples singing along together.

4. Balloon Surprise – The balloon surprise is a game whereby the host will have to prepare and write a series of question or tasks to put into the balloon. Then the balloon is passed around among all the hens until it blows up or burst. The loser will then have to answer questions or perform tasks based on what is written on the paper.

Whichever game you choose for your party, make sure you keep in mind the style and personality of the people who are going to attend to avoid your guests to feel uncomfortable. But, more importantly, make sure the bride has the greatest time of her life before her wedding.