end of summer party ideasThe summer is over – does that mean partying is over too? No way! The end of the summer is the perfect time to have a party, both to look back over the fun times you had, and to look forward to the fall and the holiday season. There are plenty of summer party ideas that you can implement to make your summer party one to remember.

If you want to have an intimate get together with friends and family, consider a small backyard BBQ. These are easy and cheap to throw together, and everyone loves barbecue food. You could set up lawn games to play, open up your swimming pool, or make an outside bar. Another great BBQ idea is to make the party have some sort of theme, like “80s” or “luau.” Purchase decorations and food that will complement the theme you ultimately select, though a regular BBQ is a good time as well.

If you don’t want to have the BBQ at your house, you could consider having it at a neutral location. A beach party would be a great way to host a large crowd without dealing with the massive cleanup that you’d have to do at your party. (Of course, don’t litter!) You could even rent out a particular area at your beach or local park if you need both outdoor and indoor space. If it’s still warm, you and your guests can go in the water, or you can set up volleyball nets and play games. Whatever you do, these parties are a great way to have one final summer blowout.

One of the best end of summer party ideas out there is to have a block party. This is a larger scale idea than a backyard BBQ, so be ready for some extra work and planning. Gather together all the neighbors on your block, and see who’s interested in having the party. You might consider contacting your town as well, as you may be able to block off your street so that the festivities can take place all throughout your block. You can collect money from each neighbor who wants to participate, and you can use those funds to purchase food, a DJ, moon bounces, a magician – anything that you think will make the party fun for kids and adults alike. If you’d like, you could give your block party a theme, or you can just make it a standard good time.