cupcake boxes and insertsIf you enjoy baking you probably are the type of person who helps out with local bake sales by providing tasty treats you can sell. One of the more popular items found at a bake sale is the cupcake. This is an item that can be sold as a single cake or in boxes with several cupcakes. To help make your display of these cupcakes even nicer you can use cupcake boxes created especially to hold these cakes in place. The boxes are available in several styles and sizes to accommodate the number of cupcakes you need to use them for.

The basic design of the cardboard box for cupcakes will have the box made in the similar four sided fashion as a regular cake box, but will have a cutout insert used to hold the smaller cake. This insert is also made of cardboard and fits snugly inside the box to hold your cupcake securely in place. Keeping your baked item from rolling or sliding about is important because it can ruin the appearance of the frosting on top. Since a majority of the cupcakes created for special occasions have decorative themed frosting using cupcake boxes and inserts makes good sense.

In the designs of the cardboard boxes you will find sizes made to accommodate one cupcake or two dozen cupcakes. The top cover section of the box can come as a plain cardboard piece or with a clear cellophane insert. The clear insert or window allows the various cupcakes inside to be seen by people without having to open the cover. This is a good way to keep your cakes from getting dried out due to exposure to the open air. The single boxes with windows are also available in decorative colors so they can be used for gift giving.

In addition to the boxes made of cardboard there are a number of containers available as plastic boxes. These are made with clear plastic so the cake inside can be easily seen as well. The plastic styles are often used in grocery stores to hold the bakery cupcakes for sale. This plastic container is usually available in a single or six cupcake size with built-in molded sections to hold the cakes in place. There are also colorful plastic containers made to hold a single cupcake so it can easily be packed in a lunch for school, work or camp.