cup cake boxesCupcakes have become just as popular as cakes if not more. Not only are they less expensive than cakes and other desserts, there are so many things that one can do with them with regards to parties. Cupcake boxes are a must when these sugary treats are present. Cup cake boxes serve as perfect packages especially since something sugary and adorable can be found inside.

There are so many things that mothers can do with cupcakes when it comes to planning birthday parties. For instance, cup cake boxes work wonderfully for themed birthday bashes. What one can do is to copy pictures that match the party theme off of the internet. The pictures can even be edited to crop in the birthday celebrant’s photo. Once satisfied with how the image looks, simply print it on a sticker paper and cut everything up. All that is left to be done is to stick the pictures on the side of the cupcake boxes. If the party is something more formal like that of a wedding reception, one can effortlessly order cupcake boxes that match the motif.

Cupcake boxes are perfect in reinventing wedding traditions. According to wedding myths, unmarried women who would like to dream of their own wedding must place a slice of wedding cake below their pillows prior to sleeping. Although not everyone still follows this ritual, it is always great to have something to munch on by the time one gets home from the reception. For this reason, couples still send their guests off with a slice or two of their wedding cake. With the advent of cupcakes however, it is so much more convenient to hand over cupcake boxes with the tasty surprise inside to wedding guests. The added benefit of using cupcake boxes is that guests do not have to worry anymore about getting icing on his suit or her dress.

Lastly, cupcakes can also be used as a kind of game or activity that party guests can do to liven up the event. Hosts can set up a design-your-own-cupcake station all complete with frosting, sprinkles and other toppings. Guests can help themselves to whatever flavor of frosting they would like to have on their cupcake as well as toppings of their own choosing. Once they are done with their work of art, hosts can hand over cup cake boxes where guests can place their creations in and bring home as a souvenir of the party.