company summer party ideasSummertime and the living is easy, as the song goes. Summer is a great time to organize a party and whereas a pool party or cookout are both obvious summer party ideas, they are not the only ones you can use. August is a good time to hold a party, as it breaks up the long two month period between July 4th and Labor Day.

Even if you live nowhere near the beach, beach themed parties are always popular. A tropical or surfing theme can easily be achieved with the right music and drinks, as well as decor using beach umbrellas (a golf umbrella will work), faux palm trees and tiki lights, available at garden centers. If you really want to go all out, a beach type bar can be constructed from boxes, planks of wood and a couple of towels. Don’t forget to make the invitations in keeping with the theme.

If you want something a little bit different, the basic backyard party is limited only by your imagination. Some more popular themes include a 50s night, complete with appropriate music and food, a karaoke evening and of course, a Christmas themed party, which involves dusting off those decorations and dragging the tree down from the attic. For children, perhaps a star gazing party, or a good old fashioned campfire and cookout, complete with tents and sleeping bags – all in the backyard.

Company summer party ideas can perhaps be a little trickier to come up with, depending on the size, age and diversity of your workforce. A simple pot luck, perhaps for a picnic means that everybody has to participate, although you should keep it casual and try to avoid competitions along the lines of best dish or most popular dish. A picnic has the added advantage of allowing employees to leave the office for a while, which is always a bonus. Choose your venue carefully, you may need permission to use a public space or park. Themed parties are popular with most employees, although some people are not outgoing and do not like to participate or be put ‘on the spot’ – another thing to keep in mind.

Games which emphasize team-building are always a good idea at company parties and one game which just about everybody likes is the one in which employees bring in a photo of themselves as a baby and everyone has to guess who is who. And regardless of where you hold your company summer party, or what kind of theme it has, everyone enjoys getting paid time off work.