big love balloonNothing makes a party like balloons. As well as helping to create a sense of festivity and celebration, balloons are also responsible for acting as signs of the purpose of the party or in whose honor it is being held. They delight children, lift spirits, and can be filled either with regular carbon dioxide and be played with at floor level, or with helium so they can float up to the ceiling. If you love balloons in general, consider using them to brighten up your next party or special occasion.

Balloons are a staple for gifts as well as parties. It is not uncommon on Valentine’s Day for someone to send big love balloons to their romantic interest. These are often lighthearted as well as containing a message of love or affection. Because they are more often associated with this lightheartedness, they are almost always reserved for joyful, humorous, or celebratory occasions. There are some ceremonies at which they might be inappropriate, such as at a wedding ceremony or a court case, but balloons are in general for happy audiences. They should not be used for sad occasions, such as funerals; these events are deserving of more reserved observation.

Children are known to love balloons, especially if they have gotten over their fear of them popping. If you are throwing a childrens party and want to include balloons, check to be sure all of your little guests are comfortable with the possibility of a popping balloon. If they aren’t, try to help them to understand there’s nothing to be afraid of, and encourage them to try popping one on their own with your help. This should help all the children be comfortable when the party arrives.

Just because you love balloons and love the decoration they provide doesn’t mean you should be irresponsible with them while throwing a party. If yours are filled with helium, prevent them from escaping into the sky. Sooner or later they will deflate and fall to the ground, making releasing balloons into the sky tantamount to senseless littering. Additionally, the pieces of rubber left over from a popped balloon, or one that hasn’t yet been blown up, can pose a risk for small children. If ingested, they may choke on the material. Be sure to clean up any rubber, as well as keep an eye on small children if a balloon happens to pop or deflate.